Post jobs and grow your organization’s talent

76% of LinkedIn members are interested in working at a nonprofit. Take advantage of this interest! Post jobs and build your organization’s talent through LinkedIn. Increase your impact with one great hire, or streamline how you recruit. Nonprofits are eligible for significant discounts on recruiting solutions.

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Elevate your development with social fundraising

A majority of decision makers say they never respond to outreach from an unknown person. However, if a common connection makes the introduction, decision makers are 80% more likely to respond. With social fundraising you get warm introductions to the decision makers most invested in your organization's mission.

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Find skilled volunteers and board members

Over nine million LinkedIn members have raised their hands, interested in doing skilled volunteering and/or board service. Find the person you've been looking for. Post your volunteer opportunities so individuals can connect with you directly, or search for professionals with the specific skill set that you need.

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Looking for LinkedIn’s pro bono programs and custom partnership opportunities?

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