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1-Year Free Premium Subscription

As a service member or veteran of the U.S. military, we are offering you a 1-year free Premium Career subscription.  This premium subscription will help you get noticed by recruiters, build out your network, stay in the know on new jobs that fit with your skills, and easily apply for new opportunities. In addition, we are offering a free year of unlimited access to over 6,000 courses in business, creative, and technology skills, all taught by industry experts through our LinkedIn Learning platform.

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Develop Your LinkedIn Profile

To support you as you pursue new career opportunities, we’ve built a 1-hour tutorial on how to make the most of LinkedIn. Through this tutorial, you'll learn how to create and optimize your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can find you, get tips on how to build a professional network that supports your career goals, and learn how to leverage LinkedIn so that you can find the career that best suits your interests. 

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Translate Your Military Skills

Often civilian employers are looking for people with the skill set veterans have, but what they ask for and what veterans convey often come across in two different languages. This course is dedicated to helping you articulate your military skills in a way that will resonate with civilian employers.

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Leverage the Veteran Mentor Network

The mission of the Veteran Mentor Network is to help military service members, military spouses, and veterans establish and achieve career and life goals. With over 110,000 members, the Veteran Mentor Network is a LinkedIn group where veteran job seekers make contacts and ask career questions in a supportive community of peers and advisors.

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Leverage your MOS

Upload your MOS to your LinkedIn profile to help us connect you with career opportunities. Not only will corporate recruiters have an easier time finding you, but we can also use this information to recommend skills for you to display on your profile, courses to enhance your skill set, and jobs or industries in which people with similar experience have landed.

This feature is coming soon!